How do I use the cut plane tool?


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    Christine Varani

    The cut plane is a great tool to use, especially for models with complex internal structures like anatomy or machines. For example, when recording a lecture about a diesel engine, I was able to use the cut plane to show various perspectives quickly. I’ve also used the cut plane to expose an interior view of the model and then overlaid a video to demonstrate movement. In the example of the diesel engine lecture, I first exposed a cross-sectional view of the pistons, then moved a video asset over the model to show the action of the four-stroke cycle and movement of the pistons. This technique would work well across many uses cases, like blood circulation or electrical flow. Interacting with the models is associated with better memory retention, so encouraging learners to use the cut plane is an easy first step in teaching them to engage with their immersive environment. I hope that helps!

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