How to give a virtual tour in Enduvo



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    Sarah Thomas

    I watched the video on YouTube - how exactly did you achieve the effect? Can you write up a how-to and post it here? 

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    Victoria Thoman

    Great question, Sarah!


    To achieve the virtual tour effect, here's what I did:

    • Cropped photos of doorways so that I had an image of a 'left side' and a 'right side' to create the boundaries or borders that learners could look through.
    • Obtained videos showing the scenes or activity I wanted to show inside the doorways.
    • Organized my VR classroom so that the doorways framed each of the videos along several walls.
    • Pressed 'play' on each video prior to hitting 'record.'**
    • Pointed at each doorway when I wanted learners to take a look at the video in question.


    **Note: If you are creating in 0.9.x, videos auto-play when a learner looks directly at them. You won't have the ability to 'play' in advance. If you are creating in 1.0, then you will need to select 'play' on each video before starting your lecture.


    I hope this helps!

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